My Pairings

These are my Flight Rising almost-perma pairings šŸ™‚

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice in my lair specifically refers to dragons having a Blue-toned primary and Red-Pink Secondary

Celticmaiden X Rainer

My progenitor pair. All progenitor pairs are randomly generated, but some are better than others. Celticmaiden and Rainer, all things considered, belong to the better side of things. Their babies will have blue/monochrome tone bodies and a tendency towards either monochrome or red-toned wings.


Celticmaiden X Rainer


Fire in my lair refers to a dragon having a red/pink secondary color.

Darianne X Reon

Darianne and Reon are a fire pairing. Their babies are guaranteed to have the red/pink secondaries of their parents, with a wonderful range of primaries. Although they might produce a Fire and Ice pair, given the wide range of primaries available, less than half of that falls strictly into the blue range. As such, I made the decision to classify them as a fire pair. Darianne is a third gen Shadow flight Fae and Reon is a second gen Lightning flight Mirror


Darianne X Reon


Ice in my lair refers to having a blue-toned secondary color.

Leia X Hibari

Leia and Hibari, as can be seen, is a pairing that almost quite fit the bill. There is a small chance they will produce a Fire and Ice baby though, given that Leia has a Rose Secondary. Hibari is a first gen Light flight Mirror and Leia is a Second Gen Lightning Flight fae.


Leia X Hibari

Yorg X Klariss

Yorg and Klariss are my pair with the smallest range. Technically, their colors are not even considered ice (they should be considered an almost monochrome pair) but their secondaries will be icy, hence their presence here šŸ˜‰ Yorg is a 3rd gen Shadow Flight Fae Male and Klaris is a 3rd gen Shadow Flight Guardian female


Yorg X Klariss


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